As a Thank You for your continuous love and support, we are giving out some free sounds every week that we created based on our bigger packs.We hope you find these sounds useful and use them to make your music.

ZenWorld and Evolution of Sounds

BA - Wide Booty
BA - Muffled
BA - Mod back
BA - Textured
LD - Metal Hits
LD - Juper
LD - Percu
LD - Sparker
BA - All Night
Black and white church.png
grunge nature.jpeg
BA - Loving Roller
BA - Super Duper
LD - Love You
LD - Pete The Robot
LD - Nothing More
BA - Rolling Hard
BA - Don't Look
LD - Apocalypto
LD - Dyro Melodics
LD - Horses Do Fly
LD - Funky
LD - Lush Square
LD - Hoover DAMM
AC - Mo Mama
BA - Detuned Mama
BA - 808
LD - Darkness

Frequently Asked Questions

What version of Serum do I need to run the presets?

In order to be able to run the presets for Serum you will require the latest updates. You can find the update at

Is this pack royalty free?

Every Sylenth1 preset can be used in a track without any problems. The only limitation is that you can't repackage the presets into a new soundbank to sell.

Can I get a refund?

I understand stuff happens in life where you might request a refund. All I ask is that you email us at and state the reason for the refund. If you didn't enjoy the pack please provide some feedback if possible. We look at feedback as an opportunity to grow. We won't question the authenticity of the refund request so don't be afraid to contact us if you feel the need to.