The Mainstage Revolution has begun with the anthemic sound of the future.

Have you ever wanted to bring the anthemic sound of the Mainstage label into your productions? 

Well now is your chance with a Serum soundbank, Ableton and FLStudio project files,  and a sample pack.

The Serum soundbank contains over 100 Sounds to help you add a bit of that festival vibe into your future productions while at the same time teaching you how to achieve it yourself. Elevate your sound to the mainstage with driven leads, big basslines, and sequences that will allow you to achieve the sound seamlessly.

The Ableton and FLStudio project files will aid in getting your creative juices flowing by giving you ideas to continue or learn from.  

We finally end this with a sample pack giving you the drums, FX, MIDI, and tools needed to bring your next mainstage track to life.

What You Get In This Pack

- 101 High Quality Presets For Serum 

- 40 Presets For Reveal Sound Spire

-Sample Pack containing Drum Loops, Midi, FX, and Fills.

-MIDI Pack with Rhythm Tools, 

-4 Ableton Project Files and 4 FLSTUDIO Project Files

Serum Soundbank


SEQ - Roar

SEQ - Alpha Stage

SEQ - Excuse You

LD - Realm Drop (All Layers)

LD - Zupersaws

SEQ - Can I Pass

SEQ - Bleh

LD - Melodic Dreamer

LD - Grand Finale

LD - Zupersaw 4

BA - Dementia

LD - Jumping Up

BA - Math

LD - Hyper


Project Files



SPIRE Soundbank


LD - West

PL - Eyez

SEQ - Going Down

SEQ - Spire Testing

LD - ZenStage 2

LD - Easy

LD - Modwheel Me

LD - Tech-Trance

LD - Hard Trance

LD - Main

BA - Longest Growl


What Are The Pros Saying 



"Really good pack with some diversity in the sound. The sequences were very clever and saves time for people who want those awesome Mainstage fills."



"Respect To Zen for doing what he does. This pack is a little gem for people seeking the Mainstage sound."

Zack Martino


"The first Mainstage inspired pack and I'm loving it. Good work on these big Zen"

How To Download The Pack?

Upon payment of the Sample pack you will receive an email registered to your PayPal with the download link. You will also get routed after payment but just in case you don't check your spam folder.

Frequently Asked Questions

What version of Serum and Spire do I need to use the presets?

In order to run the presets you will require the latest version of Serum that can be found on the X-FER Records website and Spire as well.

What DAWS can I use pack with?

This pack can be used with all DAWS however the tutorials on vocal chops, vocal processing, and fx creation will be in Ableton.

Can I release Music with the Samples?

The whole pack is 100% royalty which means you have total control on how you use them in your songs and keep all the royalties of sales.

Any pre-requisites to use the pack?

You will need the latest version of Serum and Spire to run the presets.  For the pack as a whole atlas 500 MB of memory.