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How To Make Future Bass Vocal Shots and Adlibs In Serum

Hey, Ninjas,

Today I will be teaching you how to make Future Bass Vocal Shots/Adlibs In Serum.

For this tutorial you will need

  • Serum

  • Vocal

STEP 1: Drag Vocal Sample Into Serum Noise Oscillator

The vocal we are utilizing is from a sample pack and sounds like this.

We will drag it into the Serum Noise Oscillator Section which will allow us to use Serum as a sample

You can download this vocal loop here



Step 2 Use Phase Knob To Adjust starting point of the same.

After dragging it we can choose the starting point of our vocal loop by using the phase knob in the noise section.


For our vocal our starting phase will be at 7%

Step 3: Turn On Pitch Tracking

We are gonna be turning on pitch tracking which will allow our vocals to be played at different speeds. The lower we go in the scale the slower the sample is played resulting in a lower pitched sound The higher we go in the scale, the faster the sample is played resulting in higher pitched sound.

This is how pitch tracking will sound .

Pitch tracking is gonna allow us to get the vocal shots sound and the adlib sound.

Step 4: Control The Sample With AMP Envelope

If you hold down the sample or play it a higher octaves you will run into the problem of the vocal shot/adlib looping or playing unwanted material. In order to control this we will utilize the amp envelope.

Sustain will be at 0% and you can control the lenght of the sample using the decay feature.

This is our optimal setting for our vocal sample played at F5

Step 5: Add Effects

Finally we polish the sound with some effects which you guys can handle I'm sure but if you need a guideline this is the effects we used. You can add distortion or even use the phaser. Experiment and enjoy the new sound you have created.

Finally this is the way our vocal sounds.

We play it as an adlib then as a vocal shot lead.

Keep in mind you can take this even further with more modulations and even turning on the mono legato on in serum.

Whatever you decide on doing at least now you know how to create vocal lead shots and Alibs in Serum for Future Bass.

-Zen World

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