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Gear That Will Instantly Make You A Better EDM Producer?

Every year producers make a resolution to improve or make it into the scene. One of the things that many producers don't know is that there is countless of gear we can invest in to further develop our sound and quality.

In this article we will discuss the best gear you can invest in that will instantly make you create better tracks and mix downs aka a Better EDM Producer


#1 Acoustic Treatment For Your Room

Red Acoustic Panel

Weren't expecting this one were you?

Acoustic Treatment I can say is the best investment I have made in my studio ever. I'm also not talking about the foam treatment that a lot of people choose to do.

I'm talking about true acoustic treatment using fiberglass/wool.

It's a bit pricy and a full setup will run you 500$ but this is the best thing you can invest in to get your mixing and mastering to a whole new level.

Why is it one of the best investments for your Studio?

It's one of the best investments as it's gonna allow you to turn your room into a neutral environment for sound. A lot of people don't understand that a square room is not ideal scenario to play your sound.


Square rooms tend to give this sense of bass energy that isn't there.


#2 Ableton Push Controller

Ableton Push Controller Blue

The Ableton Push Controller is easily one of the best investments to make this year running you between 300-700 depending on if you want to buy it used.

Why is the Ableton Push Controller one of the best gear investment you can make for yourself in 2017?

The Ableton Push controller allows you to produce at a much faster rate and also has useful tools like the scale options where you will always be in scale as long as you are using the controllers keys. The scale option is so helpful as you can put over 40 scales variations that it will open the doors for you guys brave enough to use them.

It also helps inspire you as you are working in a totally new environment.

Ableton Push Scale Options


#3 Monitor Pads

Monitor Pads for Speakers

Monitor pads are the next step in getting a better mix down instantly as they help separate your Monitor Speakers from your desk.

Why do you need Monitor Pads?

Monitor pads will help in creating a better frequency response out of your monitors as they will help prevent the monitors from vibrating your desk. They will also help in yielding a tighter, more precise bass response while un-masking otherwise obscured higher frequencies.

I use the Auralex Monitor Pads and they were my first investment when it came to room treatment.

#4 Monitor Speakers

This one has to be on the list. If you are still producing with headphones then the best investment for you this year will definitely be a pair of Monitor Speakers!


First Monitor Speakers will help give you a better representation of the stereo field that will result in less cluttered mixes.

2nd Monitors will give you a better representation of how your music will sound everywhere else as long as you have the right acoustic treatment in your room and neutral monitors.

3rd You can produce for longer times with Monitors because the speakers aren't blasting direct into your ear like headphones.


#5 VST Plugins

VST Plugin is the EDM Producers best friends as these are where most of your sounds, and mixing effects will come from.

When picking VST Plugins please make sure to buy the ones you need.

How do you know if you need it?

*Your DAW Doesn't Have A Similar Effect

*Your DAWS Effect doesn't compare to the plugin *You don't have any other vst plugins like it


That's gonna be my list for gear you should invest in. It doesn't contain the generic computer or midi keyboards as I know you guys already know about those.

Out of all these however I recommend Acoustic Treatment always.

Zen World

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