Festival Revolution is a SoundBank/Sample Pack looking to bring the sound of revealed into your hands so you can add that same energetic vibe to your sound.


Get that Professional sound instantly with this soundbank with samples and sounds ready to evolve your track to the next level!


Each sound has been created to give you the electrifying sound that you need so you spend less time stressing about the sound and more about making your idea come alive


Festival Revolution captures the Big Room sound with a Sylenth1 Soundbank, Serum Soundbank, Sample Pack, Project Files, Tutorials and Vocal Pack.


So what are you getting with this pack

-100 Presets For Sylenth1 and 40 Vocal Presets for Serum

-Sample Pack containing Drop MIDI Tools, Big Kicks, Energetic Uplifters and Downlifters and everything you need to make a Festival Style Track.

-Vocal Pack with over 100 Phrases

-Project File Available For Ableton and FL Studio

-Exclusive Tutorials With Zen World


LD Charge

Serum Olly

LD Skarner

LD Invictus

Serum This One

PD Spacewell

PL Botanica

Serum Vocal Drop

LD Vocalizer

PL Paradise

Serum We Are

LD Pitch Play Chords 

Preset Previews



"Every song and remix we make starts with energetic leads that we have only been able to find in the EVO Soundbanks!!"



Max Vangeli

"Zen World(EVO)has some of the dopest leads for Big Room. We use them in most of our tracks"
"Been working with my boy Zen World for quite some time now and he definitely has some of the best sounds in the game"

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