Ninjas, Here is your opportunity to have an edge in your production  

Learning sound design is a crucial component to take your productions to the next level. Molding and shaping your own sounds is what makes you a unique and stand out. Sound design is a skill that not many producers have and that alone makes it worth learning. It makes you more valuable in the industry. Not only can you implement them in your own productions but you can offer your skill and services to others and make a living from that. 

Some of the most iconic producers of the modern era have signature sounds that they designed themselves. From KSHMR to Skrillex and everyone in between, sound design has been an integral component in making them stand out from the crowd. They went above and beyond to break boundaries in the music industry and so can you.

These classes offered by Zen World, a world recognized and industry respected sound designer will be your teacher and will not fluff  you with unnecessary information. It doesn't get much better than this. 




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