If you are into creating hard drops that get the crowd crazy at peak hour then this Serum Soundset is for you. Aimed at providing you with dirty hype sounds to create your next banger. Go Hard Or Go Home

Go hard or go home

The goal of the All Hard Everything Serum Soundbank is to provide you with sounds that will inspire you to create hard drops without breaking the bank. 

In this soundset, you will find 97 Serum presets ready to help you achieve your next big peak hour banger.

For this soundset, we collaborated with fellow producer Teknoclash to bring to you an affordable soundset that will give you the sounds needed to create hard drops.

Inside this Serum Soundset you will find 808 Basslines to give you the utmost control over your low end, you will find Dubstep Basslines to incorporate nasty stabs and drops, you will find hype leads that will get people going, and most importantly of all you will find sounds ready to take the spotlight in your next track.

As a bonus, we have added a project file of the demo for this pack for you to use as a reference.

If you are a producer looking for hard sounds for your next production then look no further.


PL - Hardstyle Intro

LD - Trap Genius

Perc- 90s Gabber

LD - Walking Dead

LD - Talk To Me

LD - SayMyName

LD - Simok

LD - Screma Machine

LD - Ruffneck

LD - One and Only

LD - Basshouse

LD - Hardstylish II

BA - Valentin

FX - FireAlert

LD - Angry Duck

BA -Some Marshis

BA - Slap Your Face

BA - Flying Swords

BA - Neighbor Dogs

BA - Part Of Survive

BA - Space Punch

BA - Alien Ambassador

808 - Squarish

BA - 1456




all hard 


  • 97 Presets For X-FER Record Serum in the style of Trap, Hybrid Trap, Hard Trap, and Bass Music. 

  • Ableton Project File of the Demo Track.

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