Preset Previews

ST Vavilon

LD Belong

PD Baby Elephante

LD Party

FX Just For Fun

BA Runic

BA Peligro En Vivo

BA Percussive Swedish 2

ARP Swedish

Are you into groovy bassline drops? What about epic leads? If you answered yes to any of those questions then this is the sound set for you. This sound set contains 70 presets based on the rising star Shapov who has been releasing killer groove tunes on Axtone records.  The sound set was created to provide you with the sounds to make your own hard hitting driving bassline tunes. Every lead and bass has been mixed to it's fullest capability within Sylenth1 so you stop worrying about mixing and worry more about the idea of your tracks. Killer basslines, Killer leads, and killer effects. This is a soundset you won't want to miss.

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