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Over the last few years, Synthwave has been making a comeback with shows like Stranger Things utilizing awesome Synthwave themes. In this Sylenth1 Soundbank, you will find the perfect starter kit for Sylenth1 to get you started making synthwave. Every sound has been crafted to fill a role in your synthwave song from futuristic rolling basslines to take your track to a new age to lush pads and leads to fill your record with the melodic content it needs. With 50 presets explicitly made for Synthwave you can't go back to the future without this soundset. As a bonus, we've added 1 FL Studio Project file to get your creative juices flowing.


PD - Osheen Orchestra

PL - Zelda

LD - Timeless

LD - Rough Melody

CH - My memories

CH - understand me

BA - Square Power

BA - Outrun

BA - Classic

CH - The crown

Watch This Soundbank In Action

Meet The Sound Designer



If you have watched FLSTUDIO tutorials on youtube, then you have probably watched Osheen. Osheen is an Indian Educator, Musician, and Music Producer who enjoys making music in his spare time and helping producers everywhere by making simple to follow tutorials. Osheen has garnered over 3 Million views in 1 year teaching people how to create music. 

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