Sit back and relax. Open up a bottle of beer as this pack will take your music into a whole new level of tropical vibes.

In collaboration with a tropical producer EDWAN, we have worked meticulously and perfected a Tropical Pack that will give your music that edge it needs. We made sure that these sounds will give you those warm summer night feels that even you'll be dancing like you're in the Copacabana.

The Serum soundbank was created for Tropical Pop and Tropical House. You will discover botanical sounds, chords, basslines, and tropical leads that your favorite artist are using. Use these presets to study the programming and learn how to create them yourself. Use them to start off with some amazing sounding sounds that will bring a tropical palette of sounds into your song.

We have also provided Ableton and FL Studio project files to get your inspiration going. Start with any of the project files provided or use them to study the mixing and mastering.

So what are you waiting for ? Let's get your music ready for the summer crowd!

So what are you getting with this pack?

-115 Presets For Serum and 40 Presets For Sylenth1

-Sample Pack containing Perfectly Crafted Drums, FX,Synth Shots, Drum Loops, Vocal Shots, and Drum Shots

- 5 Ableton Project Files and 3  FL Project Files

Serum Presets

PD - Saturn


PD - Gods Plan


PD - Smoother





LD-Jacked Mallet


BA-Hip Hop Bass




BA-Ocean Drive

LD-Pan Flute




Serum Presets

Sylenth1 Presets


LD-Hold Me





LD-Zen Flute


BA-Make Me




Vocal Shot Loop 13

Drum Loop 9

Atmosphere 8

Atmosphere 2

Vocal Shot Loop 23

Drum Loop 4

Drum Loop 9

Drum Fill 23

Drum Fill 22

Brass Stab 4

Acoustic Kick 5

Drum Fill 19


Ableton Project Files


Sound Designers


Edwan is a "bro"pical music producer who hails from Switzerland, with his Youtube channel he was able to amass 80,000 broducers from all over the world. He has an army of cats led by Luigi.

Zen World

Zen World is one of the most sought after sound designers in Dance music with a following of 90,000 producers on all his channels combined. His youtube channel has garnered attention from many top producers supporting his tutorials like KSHMR, Brooks, FTAMPA, Armin Van Buuren, Curbi, Max Vangeli, Madison Mars and many more other artist. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What version of Serum and Sylenth1 do I need to run the presets?

In order to be able to run the presets for Serum and Sylenth1 you will require the latest updates for both of them. You can find the updates at and

Is this pack royalty free?

Everything in this pack is will be royalty excluding the FLP Project files at the request of EDWAN. You can still use the FL project files and make something with it as long as it doesn't contain the original melody and chords. The Ableton Project files can be turned into full tracks and released if desired.

How do I load up the Serum presets?

Tropical Revolution contains Serum presets which will require you use them with some noises we have provided. You will first install the presets in the presets folder of serum. For PC Documents/XFER/SerumPresets/Presets For Mac C:\Users\ YOURUSERNAME \Documents\Xfer\Serum Presets\Presets\ You will then install the Noises we have provided in the noises folder of serum. For PC Documents/XFER/SerumPresets/Noises For Mac C:\Users\ YOURUSERNAME \Documents\Xfer\Serum Presets\Noises

Are the samples processed and ready to go?

The samples inside of Tropical Revolution have been processed to achieve utmost quality while still providing some freedom for creative mixing and processing.

Can I get a refund?

I understand stuff happens in life where you might request a refund. All I ask is that you email us at and state the reason for the refund. If you didn't enjoy the pack please provide some feedback if possible. We try to improve our packs as we go and take all feedback as an oppportunity to grow. We won't question the authenticity of the refund request so don't be afraid to contact us if you feel the need to.