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It all started in the make shift studio tool shed in the back of Zen's house. Frustrated with some of the tutorials available online, he started learning and teaching on his own. His passion for teaching and sharing his knowledge led to the creation of Evolution of Sounds.

Our main priority to is deliver affordable sounds without sacrificing the quality.

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Zen World is one of the most sought after sound designers and music instructors in this generation. He was able to amass more than 100,000 followers on YouTube by making music production tutorials enjoyable and easy to understand. Zen World is supported by today's top producers such as KSHMR, Brooks, FTAMPA, Armin Van Buuren, Curbi, Madison Mars, and many more. He strongly believes that music production should not be hard and stressful. That is why he found ways to take the stress away by recreating the sounds of today's biggest dance artists to the hands of the aspiring music producers. That way music producers will be able to solely focus on their melodies and creativity.

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