(Spinnin Records/Revealed)


(Armada/Size Recordings/No Face Records)

"Met my boy Zen about a couple years back after watching his sound design tutorials. . This guy is a magician when it comes to EDM sound design."


(Revealed Recordings/Spinning)

"Every song we work on starts with energetic leads that we have only been able to find in the Evolution Of Sound Packs"


(Trap Nation/Armada)

"Zen World is one of the most active gurus on youtube. It would be an understatement to say that he hasn't helped thousands of producers find their sound."


(Musical Freedom/Spinning Records)

"Zen World has some of the best tutorials for sound design and that transfers over to his soundbanks. Top Notch"


(Hit Single Home, Certified Gold and Platinuum Producer)

"EVO is one of the most influential companies I've had the pleasure of supporting. From their amazing tutorials to their amazing packs"



"Zen World sounds are amazing we at least have one of his amazing leads in our songs"

(Mixmash Recordings)


"Exciting Soundbanks with some sounds that are just out of this world"


(Mixmash Recordings/Brooklyn Fire)

"Fire Sounds that definitely play a big role in my tracks"

Tom and Jame

(Revealed Recording)

"Zen World has the best tutorials on Youtube. Really Good at Synthesis"



"I don't know where we would be if it wasn't for the tools provided by the EVO Team."

(House Nation)

"Best sounds in the game and best tutorials for aspiring EDM Producers."

Owen Norton



"A crucial resource for me when it comes to making music is sound design. Gladly the guys here at Evolution Of Sound always have some of the freshest bass sounds for my music"

Jayden Jaxx

(Revealed Recordings/FUNK)

"I can't thank the guys at EVO enough for their sound design work."

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