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Frequently asked questions

How many people are needed to operate an ALTI aircraft?

Two operators are recommended, depending on the application. Generally, a pilot in command who is responsible for all flight operations along with a co-pilot to assist with ground control operations, mission planning and camera/payload control. For more basic applications a single operator can easily operate the system.

Is a pilot required to operate the aircraft?

Yes, an experienced UAV pilot is required to operate and fly ALTI aircraft. While the aircraft are capable of autonomous flight from take-off to landing, a safety pilot is highly recommended for all flights. We have minimum operator requirements that can be used as a guideline to safely operate our aircraft

If the main pusher engine fails, what will happen?

The aircraft has various autonomous failsafe features that allow for safe operations in all flight modes. In the event of a main engine failure, the Autopilot will detect the drop in airspeed and initiate the VTOL motors to immediately regain safe hover flight before the aircraft stalls.

Do you offer Training?

Yes, we do offer a comprehensive training course for ALTI aircraft. Please note this is not flight training for learning how to fly unmanned aircraft, but rather an ALTI system familiarization training and how to operate and maintain ALTI aircraft.