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One On One Sessions

Private Class with Zen World

One hour private session with Zen World through Zoom.

What to expect:

During the one hour session, you will bring a song you have made and any questions you may have to make the most of your time. Reference tracks are also welcomed to ensure that I guide you on the right path.

If you use Ableton, you can send me your Ableton Project Folder. I will use it to explain concepts you want to learn and work on. I will send back your project file, so you can study it or try to replicate what I did.

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Nurture Your Talents and Achieve Your Musical Goals

A one-on-one Session with the right mentor is one of the most powerful tools you can access as a producer. The session is tailored around your questions to help you reach a higher level at a faster rate. For example, if you need help with transitions or adding impact to your song, no YouTube tutorial or class will help you fix that issue in your music, but a session with a mentor that could guide you will. Most importantly, during the guidance of your question, you are learning the techniques we are using to make your track sound better.


A one on one session will always be as good as the questions you seek. So, if you know what you need to learn and are having issues understanding that knowledge and are seeking a 2nd opinion on your music, the opinion of a mentor you value is enormous.

Producers Who Support My Tutorials

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