Dirty Chicken

Sylenth1 Soundbank

This Sylenth1 soundbank is here to provide you with all the presets necessary for you to create your next dirty house banger. Inspired by the label Dirtybird.

Dirty Chicken Demo - Evolution Of Sound
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Explore The Sound

Our goal was to create a set of sounds that you can use to get inspired, learn synthesis from, and use to add the final touch to your tracks.

Get inspired by diving into the 140 presets and finding sounds that your favorite Dirtybird artist are utilizing.

Reverse engineer these presets and study them so you can also make Dirtybird styled Basslines, FX, and Leads.

Finally, use these presets to help finish your track by adding the last final touch.

sleepy chicken.png

PL - Wannabe

PD - Bathroom

LD - This My City 

LD - Train Horn

LD - Pound It

LD - Locomoto


LD - Miami Chord

LD - Lazy Tuba

FX - Sine Down

FX - Pitch Down

FX - Astrofart

FX - Down The Rabbit

BA - Rub Anotha

FX - On My Mind

BA - Stop It

BA - Sine On Top

BA - Kennys First

BA - Prophecy

bounce chicken.png

BA - Freak @ Leak

BA - I Operate

ARP - Too Arabic

BA - Crowd Control

BA - Dog

BA - Crowd Control HIt



Bonus Expansion

Moog Bass One Shots

As a thank you for giving the Dirty Chicken sound-set a chance. We have provided 20 Moog Bass one-shots as a bonus for you.

Use these one-shots by loading them up into your favorite sampler. The bass one-shots are created in the style of Dirtybird to help you achieve that vibe.


Dirty Chicken Sylenth1 Soundbank

  • 140 Presets For Sylenth1 inspired by your favorite Dirtybird artist.

  • 20 Key Labeled Moog Bass One Shots

  • 20 Bass and 10 Lead MIDI Files for use with your new presets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What version of Sylenth1 do I need to run the presets?

In order to be able to run the presets for Sylenth1 you will require the latest updates. You can find the update at www.lennardigital.com

Is this pack royalty free?

Every Sylenth1 preset can be used in a track without any problems. The only limitation is that you can't repackage the presets into a new soundbank to sell.

Can I get a refund?

I understand stuff happens in life where you might request a refund. All I ask is that you email us at support@evosounds.com and state the reason for the refund. If you didn't enjoy the pack please provide some feedback if possible. We look at feedback as an opportunity to grow. We won't question the authenticity of the refund request so don't be afraid to contact us if you feel the need to.

What are the full contents of this pack?

Dirty Chicken Sylenth1 Soundset will contain 144 Presets inspired by the Dirtybird sound. These presets consist of 10 ARPS, 52 BASS, 33 FX, 33 LEADS, 3 Pads, 10 PLUCKS. As an extra bonus we've also added 20 Moog Basslines and 30 MIDI files to aid with the creation of dirty house music.