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Odyssey Demo Download 

Odyssey is your next Drum and Bass preset and sample pack that will provide you with sounds that will inspire and help you take your music to another level.  Inspired by DNB artists like Sub Focus, Delta Heavy, Teddy Killerz, Notion, Camo and Crooked, Bru C, and many more. In this demo pack you will get a taste of what Odyssey has to offer for you with some decent presets and samples to get you started making DNB in 2022.

Serum version  1.351 Needed
Odyssey - The Ultimate Drum and Bass Sounds - Evolution Of Sound x Simenga X Haterade(SoundsGood)

What's In The Demo Pack

Free Download 

Thanks For your interest in this free demo pack for Odyssey. Check your email in a few minutes for the download link.


What's Included:

- Sample Pack Preview

- 4 Ableton Effect Racks

-25 Serum Presets

-MIDI Preview

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