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Submissions For Zen World Feedback Stream 

Welcome to the Music Feedback Stream! Here, you can submit your song and receive honest feedback. By submitting your song, you agree to allow EvoSounds/ZenWorld to contact you via email for sound banks, samples, and other music production products.


Remember, submitting your song means you're asking other people's opinions. If you disagree with my feedback, don't worry - the most important thing is that you love your music. I'll try to offer objective criticism and some subjectivity. During the stream, I might roast the song or react to your cover art; please remember it's not personal, and it's all for creating an entertaining stream for everyone.

Finally, submitting your song doesn't guarantee that I will hear it. I get too many submissions to achieve that, but I hope listening to the community submissions can inspire you, and if you have some criticism of your own, don't be afraid to comment on it.

Thanks For Submitting Your Song.

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