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5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Producing

If you can go back in time where you first started music production what would you tell your past self? I definitely have a lot to tell my old self, mainly to not let the haters get in the way and stop being a hater. All jokes aside, here are some tips I wish I knew when I was in the adolescent stage of my music production.

1. Do Not Expect Success Overnight.

Like with all great things, it takes a lot of patience and hard work. For instance, it took Flume ten years to get where he is now. So, if you've only been in music production for a couple of years don't give up and keep working on it.

2. Music Is Half The Battle

Music is Half the Battle and marketing is the other half. No longer will making good music gain you attention because guess what? The market is so saturated with good producers. Read books and watch tutorials on Marketing or team up with a marketing major.

3. Connections Do Matter

Connections could be difference from getting a huge record deal to getting no record deal at all. Here is an example: Curbi send his track to Spinning but it didn't get heard until Oliver Heldens personally showed it to the Spinning representatives. Perfect example of connections benefitting an artist.

4. Having a huge amount of plugins and sample packs will not make you a better producer.

Hoarding is what this is called. I understand that having more sample packs means having a bigger library of potential sounds, but all this is gonna cause is choice paralysis. Choice Paralysis is the feeling of not knowing what to pick because you have so many choices. Keep it simple!

5. Don't release your tracks until they sound professional!

First impressions is everything. When someone hears your first track you want them to go "holy shit where did this guy come out of" not "Another shitty generic track". I understand finishing your first song is a milestone and it's something you should definitely be proud of but releasing it to the public usually isn't the best bet. First impressions are everything in this business and if you send your first track to labels you might end up getting ignored and put on a spam list.

Well these have been the 5 things I wish I knew when starting out. I made a lot of mistakes throughout my years and learned from them. With time you will have your own list and look back in embarrassment at some of the things you did when you first started out.

-Zen World

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