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3 Tips For Better Bass lines For EDM

Bass Lines are the driving force in Dance Music. Without a good bass line to back your drop, your song won't get to the next level.

Learn these 3 tips to get a better bass line every single time.

In this tutorial you will learn how to utilize legato to get more interesting bass lines, learn a simple technique to get more bouncy bass lines, and learn how you can use MIDI to get better rhythms.

IMPORTANT: The Patch is for Spire

TIP #1 Legato It Up

Legato is a simple technique that can elevate your basslines by adding 1 interesting thing. Legato works in helping your notes get this sliding effect as it makes changing pitch take longer.

The Effect sounds like this.

You can apply legato in various synths below I will show you where to locate this setting. Keep in mind you must be in the correct mono mode to utilize this feature.

Massive: Click Voicing and set Monophon on, and then turn the trigger into legato.

Sylenth1: Located Bottom Right. Make sure that Slide Mode is enabled so it happens without having to slide midi notes.

Serum: Located Bottom Right.

Spires: Legato Mode is Glide mode in spire and you have to be in Mono or certain poly modes to utilize it.

TIP 2: The Bouncy Technique.

Various people want to achieve Bouncy bass lines but whats 1 technique we can utilize to get bouncier bass lines?

This is one.

Here we have a standard Midi Bass line. The rhythm sounds good but it's not bouncy.

By simply putting certain key midi notes up an octave and elongating most of the notes we get a more bouncy and interesting bass line like so.

Just these simple things along with TIP 1 Elevate our bass into a whole new level of energy and power

TIP# 3 MIDI Techniques

A lot of people see MIDI and instantly avoid it as MIDI provides a melodic idea that isn't yours. One of the things that people fail to realize about midi is that 2 things are being given to you: 1. Melodic Content and 2. Rhythm Content.

Step1: Get a Midi Clip You Like

For this example I have here this MIDI i have from one of the Soundbanks we offer

Step2: Put Every Note into the Root Note

Now I want you to take every note not on the root note for your MIDI and put it on the root note. For instance in my midi clip the root note is E so all the notes are put on E so this way I got myself just a bassline playing on E. The thing we have now is no melody but just pure rhythmic Pattern.


Step 3: Use The Rhythm MIDI and Apply Tips 1 and 2

Above we created a MIDI Rhythm tool that we can use to now make our bassline idea come to life. By simply getting inspired by it we can add more notes to it and change the notes to get our idea out.

On my example I added extra notes and gave it a melody to turn that midi from a midi that wasn't mine to a MIDI that has my idea and feels more like mine.


We used legato, The Bouncy Technique, and the Midi Technique in order to get a more interesting and crazy bass line. I hope these tips help you achieve the groovy and bouncy basslines you have been wanting.


Zen World

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