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How To Send Your Music To Spinnin Records

You have worked countless of hours perfecting your song and you finally feel like it's time to send it out.

You get the approval of your friends and you feel you can get your track signed to any record label out there but you have chosen to aim for Spinning Records.

In This Guide you will learn the essential way of increasing your chances of getting heard by Spinning Records.


Step 1: Upload your Song To Soundcloud

The first step in this journey is going to be to upload your song to Soundcloud as it's gonna allow you to do a couple of things LIKE

  • Send your Music Privately

  • Allow you to let Spinning Records stream your music without downloading it.

  • Provide a safe outlet people trust. Everyone knows SoundCloud

  • Enter Your track into the Spinning Records Talent Pool.

Make an account at and upload your track

It's super easy so we won't get into that.

Step 2 Submit your song to Spinning Records VIA Talent Pool

Sending your music to Spinning Records can be done in one way after 2012 and that is via the Talent Pool.

Joining their Talent Pool can be done at

Make an account using your Facebook and link your Soundcloud so you can add your track onto the Pool of Music.


Step 3 Make It Into The Top 50

Spinning AR Agents have been known to comment on numerous tracks that are submitted into the Talent Pool that make it above rank 50.

So in order to have your music heard by Spinnin Records make sure to make it into the Top 50 of the Talent Pool which is gonna be one of the more difficult task of this tutorial.

If a Spinning Agent loves your track they will offer to repost it or post it on their official soundcloud profile for the talent pool but getting signed to Spinnin Records will only come if you can show you can bring a new sound to them.

Keep in mind that a lot of tracks in the Top 100 are there due to the artist having a huge fan base or hiring bot farms to vote for them.

STEP 4 Keep Trying

I'm gonna be very blunt with you guys, a lot of people send their music to Spinnin Records via their Talent Pool and most of it is not good enough to garner a release.

If I had to give you an estimate on what tracks on the Talent Pool could be good enough to get released on Spinnin Records, I would say about only 5%.

The other 95% are people who barely started producing releasing music or just people who really do believe their tracks are good when they are not.

My last advice will be to repeat this tutorial and get into the TOP 50 until you get a comment from Spinnin Records with criticism or an invite to get features in their Talent Pool ranks.

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