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How To Make a G House Bass Like Malaa and Tchami|Serum

What's Up Ninjas

Have you ever wanted to create a G House bass like Malaa or Tchami?

In todays tutorial I'm gonna teach you how to create a bass like Malaa and Tchami's song called Prophecy.

Creating a G-House bass is simple but does have some tricks to them so if you are ready lets begin!


Step 1 Pick A Sine Wavetable For OSC A and The Allophone Wavetable for

Oscillator B

This first step is simple and we are picking these 2 wavetables as they are the ones that are gonna allow us to achieve the sound. Whenever you start a sound think of the wavetables as colors to your painting. Wavetables are gonna be colors to our sound and they will be the beginning of our journey into creating this bass line.

Step 2 Use FM From The Warp Feature On OSC A

In order to do FM (frequency modulation) synthesis properly we need to have our OSC B have no volume to do this just lower the level. The next thing we will do is choose FM from B from the warp section of Serum. The locations to access this parameters are indicated by the arrows

Why Is OSC B Down in Level?

In FM synthesis we have our main wavetable being altered by another wavetable that can't be heard so by lowing the volume in OSC B we emulate that. Plus it sounds cleaner.

Step 3 Apply FM Synthesis and Filter

To apply FM synthesis all we need to do now is just input the value by turning the FM knob to the right. We will be putting it at this level you see in the picture above. We will be also turning on the filter function and utilizing a low pass feature to shape the sound carefully.

The next steps are crucial to creation of the sound as we get into proper routing and using the filter before distortion as an advantage.

Make sure the cutoff is moved all the way to the left and drag envelope 2 to the cutoff to open it up.

You want to open it up to about 12 O clock but not all the way

Lower sustain down to about 30% on Envelope 2 as well and we should be done in this step.

Step 4 FX To Victory

FX are very important here and gladly Serum has some of the best FX out of all the synthesizers thanks to X-FER'S Steve Duda

We will be using the

Hyper/Dimension to make the sound bigger

Distortion: It plays a crucial role here as the sound is heavily filtered when we distorted we are distorting the filtered sound not the sound coming out of the wavetable. Make sure to use the Sine Fold distortion and use it gently.

Compressor: Important to set it to multi band as that allows the compressor t turn into the most overpowered effect in synth history. Copy the settings and mess with the threshold.

EQ : Use it to reduce the stabbyness that the OTT Applies on the sound

Reverb: Give space to the sound.

Final STEP: Mono Legato and Play the Right MIDI

So the last step is the easiest and will help create that glide effect heard in the track.

I have provided a free download above that will enable you to get the preset incase you couldn't recreate it exactly and the midi.


The bass is a neat bass for intermediate level sound designers to recreate and learn a bit about processing properly, filtering, fm synthesis, and the overpowered OTT.

If you enjoyed this tutorial make sure to leave a comment and be on the look out for confessions revolution ;).

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