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How To Find A Vocalist For EDM

You are sitting down by all your equipment waiting for the EDM Muses to

share some of their inspiration with you, so that you can come up with the next big

EDM hit. Or perhaps in the middle of your everyday routine—while eating breakfast

or taking a walk—you suddenly get an epiphany that hits you loud and clear like the

vibrations of thundering sound.

In the blink of an eye it comes to you, and you can hear it in the depths of

your head. You work endlessly, and come up with an EDM track that is of your usual standard or maybe that surpasses your past EDM tracks.

Yet you are slapped with one big question:

How will I find a vocalist for my EDM track?

If you are a smaller producer, chances are that it will be almost impossible to

get big vocalist names such as Ellie Golding, Rebecca & Fiona, Matthew Koma, or Example. However, that is not a reason to forgo your vision and leave your EDM track without vocals.

Thanks to the Internet and social media, everyday it is easier

to contact talent.

1. Start In Your Own Social Circle

Ask friends and family. There

may always be an aspiring vocalist who may have never considered EDM vocals as

an option, but could serve as a platform for more visibility both for the EDM

producer and the vocalist.

2. Social Media Scouting: Facebook, Instagram and Youtube

Social media—particularly Instagram—and YouTube, have a vast array of hopeful


A simple comment or private message could be enough to find the vocalist

that fits your vision.

Look for girls using hashtags and doing covers and offer them to start in your track. A lot of unknown hobbyist will usually do it for free as a fun project. You never know what might happen :D

3. Hire A Vocalist via Websites

If the two options mentioned above seem like too much trouble, and you just

cannot wait to finalize your to-be- EDM-hit, you can always make an account for

producer/vocalists networking websites.

These websites are the perfect platforms to create connections with new and upcoming, and experienced EDM artists. Best

part of all is membership for some of these websites is completely free.

Two very well known and trusted platforms are:



Plus making an account for these websites may prove useful not only for finding

EDM—both female and male—vocalists, but also to connect with other EDM

producers and collaborate in future projects.


While getting a big name vocalists may be may prove to be a challenge, it

does not mean that a producer’s vision cannot come to life. There are many

hardworking and willing EDM vocalists out there waiting to have the opportunity to

collaborate, and they could be just a question or message away.

- A.D

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