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How To Get Signed To Confession G-House Label By Tchami

Are you looking to learn about how to get signed to Confession?

If you are then you are in the right place as we are going to give you a couple of tips on how to increase your chances of success already proven by one of our fellow members.

Make Sure Your Music Is 100% Ready

Making sure your music is up to par to the labels quality is the utmost importance as it will help you get signed if they do end up opening your email.

How do you achieve that?

First make sure you are using high quality samples and sound banks as this will instantly give you an edge.

Sadly G-House doesn't have as many sound banks and sample packs as other genres in Dance Music.

The next step is going to be to use those samples and sound banks as unique as possible.

What does this mean?

Make sure your track has a unique style to it as you want to sound like the Confession style of G-House but also bring something new to the table.

Send Your Music To The Artist Of Confession

The first step in getting signed to Confession will be to gain support from the DJS who have released on Confession.

You might be asking yourself why?

You chances increase in getting signed to a label when the artists of the label support your music.

Imagine having the hook up when you submit because their artist enjoy your music. It's crucial to be different and have a professional sound at this stage before sending out these promos so once again make sure they are good!

So we have compiled a list here of the Promo Emails of DJS.

Make sure to only send your best work and try to get their support and develop a relationship with them.

Confession Promo Email


Prefers to get his promos via Soundcloud Inbox.


Doesn't Have a Promo as he isn't as big so try Facebook messaging him in a professional manner.


Has a specific Email for Promos at


Has an email for Promos At

Jace Mek

Email At


Email At


UNKNOWN We still don't know who the guy is!

Develop Relationships With The DJS

One of the things we preach here at Evolution Of Sound is building a professional relationship with the artist who enjoy your music enough to support it.

Building a relationship means treating them as individuals you value and offering them only your best music.

A relationship can easily be destroyed if you don't maintain yourself professional and spam them with mediocre songs.

Always make sure to send your best to them

After awhile of developing a relationship with these DJ'S they might like your music enough to send it to the label for you.

This has been the case for Curbi on getting signed to Spinning Records and Kevu getting signed to Maximize Recordings.

Get Signed Or Keep Trying

If you have done everything correctly you should have either been supported enough to get signed or rejected based on your song not being up to par.

The good thing is if labels notice you have talent they will keep an eye out for you.

"A Label will usually not sign your first track you send to them as they want to see you can keep releasing fire"

If you keep trying please make sure to do right and only send the label a song every 2 weeks to avoid spamming them.

Importantly of all make sure to take their advice and fix whatever they asked of you if they messaged back.


Getting signed to a label is easy, getting signed to your dream label is hard and requires dedicated work.

Make sure to develop relationship with the artist who are were you want to be and offer them value by giving them music they can play out and advice if needed.

If you need help in the Samples and Sound department click here to view our latest G-House Confessions Style Tool


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