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Ultimate Best Progressive House Tutorials

Ultimate Best Progressive House Tutorials

Good Tutorials are hard to come by that is a fact.

Good progressive house tutorials are even rarer as anyone can just upload a video on youtube and click bait you.

Over the years learning progressive house I stumbled upon some amazing tutorials I think will really help you guys achieve that progressive house sound.

Best of all it is free.

So if you guys are ready for my Ultimate Best Progressive House Tutorials list lets do it!

How To Make an Avicii Style Melody

Panos Savvidis has some of the most watched progressive house tutorials. Sometimes I wonder myself why since he doesn't seem to talk and just shows theory. However once I saw his video all the way I can see why people love the videos he makes. Panos Savvidis makes making progressive house look so easy.

How To Make The Sound Of Dimitry Vangelis and Wyman Payback

Ever since payback was released on Size Records it created a new wave of progressive house that utilized fat supersawish type leads with emotional captivating energies. At the time I was already making sound design tutorials for progressive house so I said why not and did a full sound recreation of most of the sounds in that track. This is a great tutorial as it helps you get the lead sound of progressive house.

How To Make A Progressive House Track Only Using FLSTUDIO Plugins

This is an amazing tutorial as the created is very charismatic and guides you into how to create your own Progressive House track using only Fl Studio Plugins. I love this tutorial and everything it's about. Definitely a sick youtube.

How To Make A Progressive House Track Start To Finish

This tutorial is a stream that took place live where SadowickProductions created a progressive house track from start to finish. This progressive house is a little more outdated than the previous videos but it's amazing to see him make a song live. The good thing about start to finish videos is you get to see everything you need to know in order to make a good progressive house track. So watch and enjoy the journey

How To Make A Vocal Progressive House Track Start To Finish

Back in the day I enjoyed making progressive house a lot. Sadowick definitely inspired me to make this video but I wanted to add my own twist to it and that is the vocal aspect of a song. Vocals add a new element to the track which a lot of people can't handle as they have to mix it in. In this tutorial you will learn how to utilize the vocals and mix a whole track around them .

How To Get Better Progressive House Chord Progressions

I believe this video deserves to be in the Ultimate Progressive House Tutorial list as it aids in showing you that you don't always have to start in the I Chord. In this video you will learn music theory and a new way to start your chord progressions that will have you creating amazing harmonies.

How To Make Vocal Chops

Making vocal chops is something that is crucial to learn as it's become the new trend of 2016 and 2017. Vocal chops can make your breakdowns have a new catchy melody aspect. This tutorial is perfect as it shows you how Martin Garrix makes his own vocal chops.

KSHMR Tutorials

To end this series of the best progressive house tutorials I'm gonna leave it off with the king of Electro Progressive House KSHMR. He has released countless videos showing you how to make his hit songs and I feel these are the most priceless. KSHMR is an amazing producer who has a proven track record of making hit after hit.

I hope you guys enjoy this list of my Ultimate Progressive House Tutorials. I know you won't finish all these videos in 1 day but just know that each video holds value in teaching a certain element that is needed to make progressive house music.

-Zen World

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