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Top 5 Best "In The Studio" & Masterclasses of 2017

As we look back at all the great production related content released in 2017 it can be difficult to pick out the best production videos. However, these are the top 5 "In the Studio" & Masterclasses I found that give the most value without all the fluff. Enjoy these simple, interesting, and unique teachings from 2017!

1) In the Studio with Chance The Rapper

One of the best rappers of today, Chance the Rapper, tells us his production preferences, influences and lesson he learned from Kanye West.

2) The Track: Roosevelt on Creating "Wait Up"

Join Roosevelt as he explains how he made “Wait up”. This is an awesome example of blending organic instruments, analogue synths, and digital synths to create something unique and exciting.

3) Studio Time | Episode 3: How I Made Scio

The talented Jay Hardway Takes us deep into the details of how he made Scio in this extended "Studio Time" episode.

“The vocal editing on Scio is spectacular'- KSHMR 2017

4) Laidback Luke @ Dancefair 2017 | Getting Your Tracks Signed

The man himself gives us real and honest advice in this 10 Do’s & Dont's to get your track signed by labels.

5) Brooks Masterclass @ Dancefair 2017 (The Making of "Boomerang")

Brooks reveals how he did "Boomerang" and you'll be surprised by how the core elements are simple yet so easy to overcomplicate. Must watch if you’re into future bounce.


I'm sure there are other videos in these categories that will teach you more things, but I hope you enjoyed this Top 5 "In The Studio" & Masterclasses of 2017!

Ninjas, don't forget to always keep learning new things and look to other producers that don't make your style of music because you'll be surprised at how much you of their techniques you can apply to your own productions.

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