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How To Make Big Room Kicks Like W&W/Blasterjaxx

Hey Ninjas

Finally after request after request on this I have decided to make a video so you guys can learn how to make your own big room kicks.

In this exclusive video I teach you how to create Big Room Kicks like W&W Blasterjaxx, and any of your favorite big room producers.

While yes we can sample kicks from packs like Revealed Revolution (Festival Revolution), there is something about creating your own tools for your own music that feels satisfying.

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Step 1 The Initial CLICK

The first step in creation our Big Room KICK is to go into the noise section of Serum and choose the attack of the kick.

We are then going to activate one shot mode in Serum which will be make it so our Kick ATTACK Sample doesn't loop over and over again.

By the end it should looking something like this. One shot mode is activated and the volume of our noise is increased to full.

Step 2 Create The Bass For The Big Room Kick

Our Next step is to turn on our OSC A,B and Filter to start creating the Bass For the big room kick.

We want to lower the level of our OSC to 0 as we will be modulating it in the next step.

Here pick your favorite wavetables to add and then move to Step 3.

More complex wavetables tend to have lower information in the low end while wavetables based on SINE WAVES have more boomyness to them.

Step 3 Shape The Bass

Shaping the kick is the most important part of this so what we will be doing is using LFO1 in Serum. Shape it like seen above and you are set.

You can shape it smaller for normal kicks or make your kick cover the whole bar by making it's width greater.

You will be routing LFO1 to the OSC A level OSC B level and Filter cutoff like so to shape the kick.

MAKE SURE to have the LFO in ENVELOPE MODE or it will loop the bass of the kick and causes issues.

Step 4 Add Effects to The Kick

In order to get the kick super huge we need to add effects.

Distortion will help in getting the kick to sound dirtier by adding needed harmonics to the sine waves.

Compression will glue together the snap of the kick and bass so it sounds more like 1 sound rather than 2 seperate sounds.

EQ can be added to remove muddyness, add more snap to the kick and overall improved to taste.


All the information can be found in the video however I decided to add this little written portion to explain a bit more.

If you guys enjoy these style of posts let me know so I can make more.

As always guys keep requesting tutorials and I'll keep making them ;)



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