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Evolution of Sounds Presents...

Karma a sample pack and Soundbank curated by Martin K4RMA to bring to you a collection of sounds that you will use for your next Techno Production. In this pack you will find a full library of samples from drums to synth sounds to help you craft your next Techno theme. Martin has also added a Ableton Project File which you can check out in the demo below. To finish up the pack we did what we do best and added a massive Serum sound-set with some new modern Techno sounds for you to get inspired and create with.



Your journey begins with a collection of sounds for X-Fer Records Serum. In the soundset supplied in this pack you will find 130 sounds ready to be used for your techno productions.


We craft our packs in a way that supply you with sounds that have been proven to work. We do this by first doing extensive research of the sounds currently dominating the charts, and then we recreate them for you to use in your own productions. What this means for you is that you will find sounds that fit the style of music you are trying to make allowing you to focus on the composition.

We invite you to check out the 24 Serum Preset previews below which only scratch the surface of what the serum sound-set has to offer you.

Serum Techno Presets


BA - Pigments

BA - Moon Weed

PD - Sacred Cycles

Acid - H Pulse

BA - AS1S Stein

ACID - Comb Act

LD - Error

PD - Leon

LD - Climatic

LD - Binge Recovery

PL - Suavemente

CH - Maestro

Acid - Wesley Snipe

FX - Ear Candy 3

BA - I'm Rolling Bra

LD - Dirty

LD - French Maid

Drone - Jack Trades

BA - Cyature

LD - BP Mover

Drone - Imahtokep

PL - Sawre

CH - Delayed

LD - Atlas 92


Techno Is Life

Once you've found the perfect selection of sounds from the Serum Techno Presets you can venture into the sample pack curated by Martin K4RMA. 

The sample pack will provide you with over 500MB of Synth Loops, Bass Loops, Drum Loops, and FX.  Everything is crafted with Techno in mind. One of the cool things Martin did for this sample pack is provide a total of 17  techno kicks each stemmed out with the bass, Kick, and click. This allows you to remake the kick in anyway you please.


To finish off the pack Martin has also provided the Ableton Project File for the Demo of Karma! 

Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 3.02.32 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 2.38.37 PM.png

Samples Preview

Kick - 17

Drums - Loop 13

Vocal - Flames

Atmosphere - G

FX - Downlifter 3

Drums - Percussion 8

Vocal - Hypno

Drums - Loop 11

FX - Downlifter 7

Drums - Hats 7

Vocal - Adrenaline

Drums - Loop 18

FX - Sweep Up 6

FX - Sweep Up 2