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Inspired By The Afterlife Sound

"Welcome to Genesis, a collection of 75  crafted Serum Presets designed to immerse you in  Melodic Techno. Our mission is to empower you in crafting your next Melodic Techno masterpiece. Genesis offers a carefully curated selection of presets that pay homage to some of the most influential artists in the genre, including Anyma, Tales Of Us, Argy, Cassian, Massian, and others who have graced the Afterlife Label. Unleash your creativity, for 'Consciousness' has now found its home in SERUM, and it's primed for 'Revelations' in your music!"

GENESYS Melodic Techno.png

Why Another Melodic Techno Pack?

Numerous producers have expressed their desire for us to craft a Melodic Techno soundset, a request that initially left us curious. After all, the market is flooded with countless Serum packs. However, upon delving into the options, a crucial realization dawned on us: a sea of thin, characterless sounds. We believe you deserve more, and within this collection, you will discover a carefully curated selection of the most versatile and inspiring sounds for Melodic Techno, serving as the perfect foundation for your next artistic creation. Drawing inspiration from the music that ignites many we created a soundbank that will impact your music.

Melodic Techno Preset Previews

PL - Void
LD - Tunnel
LD - Save Me
LD - Samsara
LD - X Rays
LD - Vocal Aspirations
LD - Explore Your Past
LD - Metro Boomers
LD - Walking
BA -Rolling Ecstasy
LD - Nursery Vries
ATMO - Internal Conflicts
BA -Roulettes
BA - Moist
LD - Gamma
LD - Loophole
LD - Opera
LD - Eternal Universe
BA - Hit Me
PL - Impressed
LD - Flapper
LD - Guetta Is Everywhere
BA - Top - Fwap
BA - TOP - Flight Zone