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Explorations | The Ultimate Progressive House Serum Presets

Explorations | The Ultimate Progressive House Serum Presets


Exploration is a Serum soundset with 120 presets inspired by the new sound of deep progressive house. We referenced a bunch of tracks from artist like Lane 8, Yotto, Anderholm, Marsh, Stan Kolev, and many more artist to create a well-rounded soundset .

In this soundset, you will find analog styled leads to create catchy melodies and arpeggios that will set your listeners into a trance-like state. Basslines designed to fit this style with plenty of reese basslines to choose from and groove-oriented basslines for those looking to create something more upbeat. To finish this pack off we also designed different pads and plucks to choose from to get a complete selection of presets to aid you in your journey.

If you are a looking for Serum soundset oriented in helping you create mellow progressive driven tracks then you have found the right soundset for you. 

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