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High Tech Minimal Presets

As producers, we draw inspiration from countless talented artists, and one individual who has truly captivated our attention is Boris Brejcha. With his exceptional expertise in Techno, we couldn't resist but create a remarkable Serum soundset that encapsulates the essence of his genius. Brace yourself for an extraordinary collection of sounds meticulously crafted to deliver melodic leads that soar, basslines that pack a punch, and plucks that mesmerize. Look no further if you're seeking the perfect arsenal to elevate your music to new heights.

Rogue Sound Showcase - EvoSounds
Boris Brejcha Serum Presets

Modeled After The Master Of Techno

"Imagine being enthralled by the extraordinary synth sounds of a Boris Brejcha track, yet feeling uncertain about how to embark on recreating them yourself. Introducing Rogue, your ultimate solution. This meticulously crafted soundset is a treasure trove of sounds inspired by the Techno master himself, who has captivated countless souls with his music. Each and every preset has been meticulously designed, drawing from a Boris Brejcha sound as a reference for uncompromising quality control. You can rest assured that these sounds will not only inspire you but also seamlessly integrate into your productions. Let Rogue be your trusted companion on your musical journey, empowering you to unleash your creativity with confidence."

LD - Mozart
LD - Lushed
LD - Rider
LD - Jumper

Preset Previews

LD - I Want You
BA - Jumper
Lead - Italiano
PD - Jumper
BA - Hold The Speakers
LD - Are You Serious
PD - Miralda


Music Production shouldn't be complex; it should be an outlet for people to express themselves. We seek to give back to the music we love by helping the new generation of artists achieve the sound they want. We accomplish this by investing time into creating highly sought-after sounds so that producers can learn from them and use them in their art.

These Sample Packs help fund the Zen World/Evolution Of Sound youtube channel that has been bringing up-to-date production tutorials for music producers worldwide for ten years.


I appreciate your Support.
Zen World / Evolution Of Sound

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Artist That Have Used Our Soundbanks

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