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Sylenth1 Soundset

The Chickens are back again with the new Sylenth1 Presets Inspired By The Dirtybird Label. If you are looking for Tech House presets with character and swag, then look not further as this 245 Sylenth1 Preset pack takes you on a journey through the vibes of the Dirtybird Sound.

Sylenth1 Version 3.067+ Needed

Dirty Chicken Vol 3 Demo - Simenga X EvoSounds

How it Hatched


Construction Kits

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The Dirty Chicken series hatched after various producers who loved the experimental sound of the Dirtybird label requested we create presets that capture the vibe that Claude Von Stroke has curated with his label. 


To provide you with sounds that you will recognize and remain fresh, we referenced a bunch of music from the label. We created a list of sounds to use as a blueprint to ensure this egg is as organic as possible. Using our sound design experience, we recreated some of the leads with a twist to them to ensure that they capture the Dirtybird Vibe while providing you with unique sounds for your productions. 


In this Sylenth1 Soundbank, you will find 210 presets inspired by artists such as Cour T, Claude Von Stroke, Walker and Royce, Black V Neck, 2Phargon, Ardalan, Bretty Johnson, Ghettoblaster, and many more. If we didn't name, you don't worry; there's always Volume 4 :D.  


EGGS-quisite sounds

During the creation of Dirty Chicken Vol 3, we utilized techniques like pitch drifting, pitch modulations, filter modulations, and step modulations to ensure that the sounds provide you with the vibe you seek. We also ran most of the patches through analyzers to ensure that the basslines offer the right frequency and the leads sit where they need to. 


All this will ensure that you receive a selection of presets that you can trust to provide you with high-quality presets for the next Dirtybird Track.



PL - Tommy 

PL - Self Osc

LD - Tom

LD - Before Time

Knock - Basic CNT

Knock - Deborah Me

PL - Confined

FX - World War 3

FX - Lightbulb

FX - Freaky Phaser

CH - Whats Wrong

FX - Deep Noise

FX - ASMR Freaker

FX - Armstrong

CH - Villalobos

BA - For A Keys

CH - Jo Mama

CH - Acidic Taste

BA - Wide Taste

Additive - BP

BA - My Own Thang

BA - Gangstah

ARP - Creepy 

Acid - Is It


Bonus Construction Kits

sleeping chick.png

Beat Writers Block

Construction Kits are a great source of inspiration when you can't seem to create an idea from scratch. With these construction kits you can start ideas fast to get into the creative zone. You will also find them useful to help fill out your tracks as all the elements are provide to you as individual audio files to use as you please.




Dirty Chicken Vol II Sylenth1 Soundbank

Dirty Bird Soundbank.png
  • 245 Presets For Sylenth1 inspired by your favorite Dirtybird artist.

  • 3 Construction Kits with fully arranged Audio stems to help you get your music started.

  • A Bad aSS CHICKEN!

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