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Best "In The Studio" Videos For EDM Vol 1

Have you ever wondered what the pros are doing to get their tracks to sound fat? Their thought process?

Do you want tips and tricks from professionals?

Well this list is for you containing the best In The Studio Videos For EDM.

In the studio, videos are more valuable than you may think. They help you to spark your creativity, show you new ways to work, and most importantly show you that artists are just like us commoners.

Here are my favorite In The Studio Videos for EDM:

The Chainsmokers: How They Made Roses

Why It's good: This is an amazing "in the studio" made by Future Music magazine as it shows us the simplicity of a track that hit #1 in the Billboard Charts.

Nicky Romero: Making Of Toulouse

Why It's good: This video shows us the thought process of Nicky Romero while making Toulouse. This one is very old, but the information is not and will never be outdated. He goes over every skill necessary to make a progressive house banger.

Martin Garrix: Making Of Animals

Why It's Good: Similar to The Chainsmokers the track Animals was a phenomenon that blew Martin Garrix up from a bedroom producer to a main stage DJ. See his thought process and just how simple it really was creating this most loved and hated track.

DEADMAU5: Creating Imaginary Friends

Why It's Good: DEADMAU5 is creating Imaginary Friends and working on it for 4 hours. What can't you learn from this video? Did I mention it's live?

In The Studio With Noisia

Why It's Good: Every sound designers dream is to sit down with Noisia in the studio. My dream became a reality hehe ;)

In The Studio With Afrojack

Why It's Good: Top 100 DJ showing us stuff and talking to us. Definitely a must watch on your downtime. More entertaining than Spongebob that is for sure ;)

In The Studio With Flume

Why It's Good: If you watch this whole series that Flume has in his youtube account, you will get inspired to get as simple as possible.Flume has built an amazing career making future bass and just hearing him speak about keeping it simple will have you deleting most of your plugins and sticking with your own DAW Plugins.

I hope you enjoy these videos. I will be posting more up in a future time so make sure to subscribe to the blog post at the top right corner of this screen to be updated on free downloads and cool new blog posts.

-Zen World

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