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Dominatons - EvoSound

Hard-Hitting Tech House Sounds

Dominator is the eagerly anticipated expansion to our acclaimed Deceiver series. A fusion of Bass House and Tech House, Dominator is designed for producers who dare to stand out. In an industry where house music proliferates, it's crucial to be heard and resonate with depth, fatness, and unparalleled quality.

It's your gateway to producing tracks that fill and dominate dance floors. This collection boasts some of the thickest, most usable sounds on the market—crafted meticulously for producers who demand the best.

Hear your next Tech House Serum Presets

LD - The 2018s
LD - Tujomnom
LD - Tech Operators
LD - It's Vamp
LD - Spiked
LD - Night Raiders
BA - Compressed Saw
LD - Funknasty
LD - Crenshaw Pimping
PL - Anti Squares
LD - 1 Day In Kyoto
LD - Mobb Desolations
LD - Chromatic Colors
LD - Noizus Lawyer
Earcandy - Cornholio
Earcandy - HollaBack
BA - Big Bust A Nut
BA - Sizzuro
BA - Black Reese
LD - Asian Gurlz

170+ Serum Presets Inspired By Chris Lake, Anti Up, Chris Lorenzo, Walker and Royce, Odd Mob, Omnom and many more.

Each sound in Dominator is meticulously crafted, drawing inspiration from the iconic sounds of industry leaders like Chris Lake, Anti Up, Chris Lorenzo, Martin Ikin, Odd Mob, Omnom, and many more. Each Serum soundset comes with 2-4 modulation options, empowering you to shape your sounds and craft unforgettable moments in your music


Chris Lake
Chris Lorenzo
Martin Ikin

The Toolkit

With unrivaled depth and punch, these drums are set to elevate your tracks above the rest. 

Hat Loop - A New World Order
House Top Loop - Baller
Kick Loop - Brain Dead
House Top Loop - Low Battery
House Closed Hat - Dark Jomox
Kick Loop - Blue Trashed
House Percussive - Bandolero
House Clap - Punked
Percussive Synths - Chris Lakes Ride
The drum section is powered by the analog beasts Perkons, HD-01, and Jomox Alphabase. These legendary drum machines deliver classic, hard-hitting drums, and fresh, unique drums that will make your tracks pop.
With a blend of digital and analog synths, we’ve crafted a collection of sounds that includes effects, synth loops, bass loops—everything you need for your next Tech House banger. As producers ourselves, we know the value of synth and bass loops. These premium samples deliver a distinctive edge with their unmatched tonal quality. Begin your productions with these high-caliber sounds and unleash your creativity as you shape and transform them to perfection.
Synth Loops -Up The Hill
Bass Loop - Eh Ta Sy
Downlifter -Morphing
Bass Loop - Low AF
Bass Loops - Hard Desires
Synth Loop - Busy
Synth Loop - Ting
Synth Loops - Mothers Treat
EvoSounds House - Uplifters - Tommies Big Ride - Stereo - 24 Bars - 130BPM

The Methodology

Created to achieve a seamless flow into your creative journey, making it the go-to resource you'll return to time and again

Dominator Tech house Deceiver.png


Over 1 GB

Perfectly Crafted Fat Serum Sounds

Hard Hitting Samples

The Deceiver series started five years ago with a goal to provide cutting-edge sounds to producers big and small. In these past years, artists like James Hype, Westend, Mau P, Disco Lines, Matroda, Wade, John Summit, and many more have used it to create music that has become a staple in the history of House Music.  

The Deceiver series is your toolset to reach your goals as a music producer and Dominate the stage. With this expansion you will acquire a new sound coming to horizon that will allow your music to stand out with some of the best samples you will use. 

Don't just take our word for it—Evo Sounds is loved by:


Music Production shouldn't be complex; it should be an outlet for people to express themselves. We seek to give back to the music we love by helping the new generation of artists achieve the sound they want. We accomplish this by investing time into creating highly sought-after sounds so that producers can learn from them and use them in their art.

These soundbanks help fund the Zen World/Evolution Of Sound youtube channel that has been bringing up-to-date production tutorials for music producers worldwide for ten years.


I appreciate your Support.
Zen World / Evolution Of Sound

A Sound Designer Named Zen World.png
  • What version of Serum and Sylenth1 do I need to run the presets?
    In order to be able to run the presets for Serum and Sylenth1 you will require the latest updates for both of them. You can find the updates at and
  • How do I load up the Serum presets?
    Tropical Revolution contains Serum presets which will require you use them with some noises we have provided. You will first install the presets in the presets folder of serum. For PC Documents/XFER/SerumPresets/Presets For Mac C:\Users\ YOURUSERNAME \Documents\Xfer\Serum Presets\Presets\ You will then install the Noises we have provided in the noises folder of serum. For PC Documents/XFER/SerumPresets/Noises For Mac C:\Users\ YOURUSERNAME \Documents\Xfer\Serum Presets\Noises
  • Are the samples processed and ready to go?
    The samples inside of Tropical Revolution have been processed to achieve utmost quality while still providing some freedom for creative mixing and processing.
  • Does Zen offer private classes?
    Yes, he offers one on one sessions. You can read more information here:
  • Is this pack royalty free?
    All Evolution of Sounds sound packs are royalty free. However the FLP Project files for Tropical Revolution will not be royalty free at the request of EDWAN. You can still use the FL project files and make something with it as long as it doesn't contain the original melody and chords. The Ableton Project files can be turned into full tracks and released if desired.


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