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Best Mixing Cheat Sheets On The Internet

Mixing Cheat Sheets are very popular, especially for the beginning producer who has no clue on how to EQ or compress at times. The cheat sheets are very helpful as they explain why you need to boost or reduce in a certain area.

Take these cheat sheets with a grain of salt and don't forget that every sound will be different.

EQ Vocals Cheat Sheet

This is a very valuable one as I use it in my mixing on vocals.

EQ Bass Guitars

This one is fun as you can also apply to it synthesized bass lines that are very plucky. Just thread carefully on adding below 100hz if you are utilizing a sub bass and if you are making EDM as these areas tend to get really cluttered if done wrong.

EQ Acoustic Guitars

There will come a time when you need to EQ Acoustic guitars and this is the perfect cheat sheet for it. Just remember that in EDM the low end is very sensitive on the drops so if you are utilizing the guitar on the drop thread carefull in boosting.

PIANO Cheat Sheet

The piano cheat sheet is amazing for dance pianos. Boosting heavily in the high area is normal to get that dancey feel so roll with it.

The Ultimate EQ Cheat Sheet

This is the best cheat sheet we were able to find on the internet. Definitely a bad boy when it comes to content and one you should print out and have next to your studio.

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