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How to Get Better Breakdowns Instantly

Breakdowns are one of the vital key roles that producers need to understand in order to produce a professional track. MANY people have this goal of creating a massive EDM track through the drop but so little focus on their breaks resulting in tracks with decent drops and horrible breakdowns.

We wanted to provide a tool that all producers could use but keep it specifically Revealed Recording style.

What does this mean?

If you have heard a Hardwell track then you know what we mean. Hardwell has this way of having some of the best breakdowns with captivating melodies that aid in making the drop sound bigger.


Below We have Provided 20 Melodies with accompanying chords to help you get those amazing breakdowns instantly.

Watch the Video Below to See How this Tool can help you out.

Now remember a breakdown will have a catchy melody and amazing captivating sounds..

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