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New Year Resolutions For EDM Producers

It is the New Year and I am pretty sure many of you are already setting goals and creating resolutions for the New Year; however, we can get a little carried away with setting goals and it becomes a goal that is more than you are capable of.

For instance, if you plan on losing 15 pounds the next month and when you actually try to get to work turns out you can’t give up that bar of chocolate everyday.

We tend to be overconfident with ourselves that we forget to sit down and plan our resolutions in our own pace.

Here are some resolutions that may help you to be a better music producer this New Year.


1.Commit a time to learn new things

Books Learning

Whether you’re watching some of Zen World’s video tutorials or learning a new DAW I cannot stress it enough that learning new things is one of the best ways to make you a better producer.

The more you know the more you can do with your music. So commit some time at least an hour once a week into learning.

The fact that the music industry has a very slim entry barrier your skillset and talent will differentiate you from the rest.


2.Take a Break

Hammock Vacation

This may sound like a career suicide to some of you, but taking a break here

and there is actually helpful.

It refuels us and enables our brains to recharge and it is extremely helpful if we are trying to be creative and innovative in our music.

Our brains need to be well rested for us to be able to come up with new ideas. So if you’re juggling school, work, and music production take at least a 90 minute break somewhere in between.


3. Connect With Other Producers Around The Globe

Start using social media and the internet to connect with other producers around the globe.

Make the effort to meet and build relationships with them, because working with different people opens up new ideas and creativity.


4. Finish a Track Every Week

Finishing a track everyweek is a great idea to push your selves and get stuff done. You can even make it more challenging by setting themes every week.

For instance, you can focus on just making an awesome melody or a Star Wars themed music.

The best thing about this is that you don’t need to release them, but just a way to see your progress musically. You will be mind blown by the progress you’ve made boom.


5. Focus on Your Social Media Presence

Focus on at least to 2-3 social media of your choice, but don’t dedicate all your time focusing on it.

We all know that many of us can handle multi-tasking, so to ensure that your social presence is great focus on 2-3 of your social medias.

It is to ensure that you are branding yourself out there in a great way.


As always guys keep working to achieve your dreams and have fun at the same time.

These are my resolutions for 2017 and I hope they make it to your list as well.

Zen World

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