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3 Serum LFO Tricks You Need To Know

One of the biggest things you can do in creating better sounds is utilizing modulations.

Serum has one of the best LFO sections of any synth out there right now.

These are gonna be 3 Serum LFO tricks you need to know now to elevate your sound design to a whole new level.

Apply Points Locked To The Grid

One of the biggest complains my students have about the Serum LFO is how small it is.

The LFO screen is so small it makes it hard to apply accurate modulations but one simple LFO trick that helps us out is applying points locked to the grid.

How do we do it?

While applying your points make sure to hold ALT and as your applying a point or moving it around it will instantly stay locked to the grid.

KEY TIP: make sure to increases and decrease the grid to get the point to where you want it.

Envelope MODE Looping

Envelope mode allows us to just have the LFO play once and not loop.

This is a cool feature as it allows us to just have a modulation occur once and we can use the LFO which allows more freedom.

The cool trick here is you can actually loop in envelope mode.

Envelope allows us to utilize the loop back feature which can be accessed by clicking on a point while holding CTRL and it will pop up a screen like so

Setting a loopback point will make it so that the LFO activates then starts looping back from whatever location you set the loopback point too.

This is perfect for very advanced sequences in serum.

Modular Like Sequences In Serum

Modular synthesis has been making a comeback.

One of the ways we can replicate this awesome revive of modular sounds is by holding shift and clicking anywhere in our LFO.

This will create a step sequence which we can continue to create by holding shift and clicking locations and values for our points.

It Should Look Like This

We can apply this to the pitch or the Filter to get modulating type of sounds in Serum.


These are 3 awesome tricks you can start implementing in Serum right now with the click of a button.

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