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3 Best Synths For EDM


In the world of today there are hundreds of synths available for purchase.

In todays article I want to talk about the 5 Best Synths For EDM

These 5 synths will offer everything you could ever need when it comes to Sound Design.

The 5 synths are known to be used by some of the top producers and have made sounds that have become staples in the EDM GENRE as well as Hip hop, and other musical genres.


Sylenth is the oldest synth on this list but it's still one of the best ones out on the market. Sylenth1 was released to the market in the year 2007 and to date host the most soundbanks out of any synth you could find. It's safe to say that almost any EDM Producer out there has sylenth1 installed on their PC.


Sylenth1 is a Subtractive synthesizer that has access to 4 Oscillators, 2 Filters, 2 Envelopes, and 2 LFOS.

What Kind Of Sounds Can You Make?

Sylenth1 can make almost any sound you can think of when it comes to pop, hip hop, and EDM music. However, it's not that great at making sounds for genres that require complex sounds. Sylenth1 is amazing for the classic sounds, and has this warmth to it no other synth can touch. Definitely one of the top synths for EDM.

Who Uses This Synth?

The artist who use this synth would make this read into a book but to specify some notable artist at the time in the world of EDM.

-The Chainsmokers






- The list goes on.


Serum is the newest synthesizer on this list and it's known to a lot of people as the new EDM SYNTH to have. Serum was created by Steve Duda and was released in the year 2014.

This wavetable synthesizer has created a cult like following in just 2-3 years and is now the most popular synthesizer on the market. It currently host over hundreds of soundbanks and comes with over 420+ presets.


Serum is a Wavetable Synthesizer that host 3 Envelopes, Unlimited LFOS, 2 Filters, 10 built in effects, and thousands of wavetables.

What Kind Of Sounds Can You Make

Serum can make all kinds of sounds but the sounds it really excels at are modulated sounds for Dubstep, Future Bass, and Trap. Serum has this dark metallic vibe to it due to it's wavetables and FX Filters that have made it a go to plugin for anyone making Dubstep, and Trap. Serum is also amazing at atmospheric landscapes due to it's unlimited use of LFOS that allows you to modulate about almost any parameter to add movement. Serum is definitely a synth that should be bought if you plan on making EDM or want to add another synth into your Arsenal.

Who Uses This Synth?





-Morgan Page



Revealed Sounds Spire synth is not as popular as Sylenth or Serum but it's definitely a contender for the best edm synth out there. Spire is mainly recognized by it's metallic look and beautiful UI. Revealed Sound's Spire is also a synth that offers almost everything that Sylenth1 and Serum offer but in a whole different package that is worth looking into.


Revealed Sounds Spire Synthesizer is a subtractive, wavetable, FM and AM Synthesizer with 2 Filters, and the standard modulations.

What Kind Of Sounds Can It Make?

Spire is known for making very trance like sounds and beautiful lushes pads. Spire is definitely a workhorse when it comes to bright and loud sounds. Spire is also good at making the standard EDM Big room leads that you hear in most anthems, and some of the nastiest tech stabs. You can also utilize it for Dubstep but I would recommend Serum for that any time of the day.

Who Uses Spire?

-Armin Van Buuren

-Ferry Corsten

- Dada Life


-Gorgon City


If I had to pick between the 3 Synthesizers above I would have to go with Serum as it will be able to create everything. However since we are in a world where more is better you can also pick up Sylenth1 for it's analog warmth sound or Spire for it's more digital bright trance sound.

-Zen World



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