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Ultimate Free EDM Vocal Samples List

Free EDM Vocal Samples List

Hey, Ninja

One of the most frustrating problem producers face is finding a vocalist to sing on their track.

Once you do find a vocalist you then find out she/he charges a ridiculous amount to record vocals for your EDM song.

I understand EDM Vocalist also need to make a living but lets face it, many of us are not making money from our music yet.

This is where this Ultimate Free EDM Vocal Samples list comes into play

All these vocals are gonna be free to use and some even royalty free.

While not all of them will be for EDM I'm sure you can find a way to make them fit.

Use them in your next EDM song or use them to create Vocal Leads, Vocal Chop Loops and atmospheric pads.


We released the Ultimate Revealed Recordings sample pack a couple of months ago and this free pack contains 10-15 Pre-Drop vocals used in some of the hits of Big Room House.

G-House vocal chops is good for those of you looking into the dark side of the EDM Genre with fat beats to go with pitched down vocals and rhythmic chops.

G-House phrases delivers 15 Vocal Phrases perfect for. those of you making house beats for EDM and looking for that catchy phrase missing in that PRE-DROP section of your track.

One of the best website for aspiring producers and vocalist. Here you can download samples of various. instruments and most. importantly, EDM Vocals ranging from Trance, House, Downtempo, Chill, and many more.

Black Octopus have released some of the best vocals out on the market today with Veela and Cory Freisan. In this free pack you will find some. of those vocals and some samples as well. Definitely a good pack to start your free EDM Vocal Samples Collection.

W.A bring to you a free download for vocal shouts and phrases. W.A are known around the EDM samples as a worthy company that brings all kinds of sample packs to the table in terms of quantity.

Music Radar brings you vocal samples for all types of music ranging from Rock to Dance Music. This pack is useful to add that organic. feel to your tracks from vocals meant for other genres. Who knows maybe one of these may inspire you to create the next big EDM Genre.

Ad Libs in the world of vocals are very important to give a vocalist their own style or fill empty gaps in between the vocals. This is definitely a must download pack for your EDM Vocal Samples collection.

Rob is a singer/songwriter who decided to give away 3 vocal packs containing some of his personal works. Royalty-Free of course and ready for you to use in your next big EDM Hit.

If you are into. Rasta. style vocals make sure to grab this free pack that includes around 25 of them. Definitely will add some pasta spice to your edm vocal samples.

Vocal Downloads is a very underground. site known for providing royalty-free vocals from Hip Hop To EDM. This link contains up to 100 Vocal samples for free download from their catalogue of professional Vocal Samples.

Soundprobz has about 250 vocal samples for free download in zipped folders. A good place to get started on your vocal collection to start making EDM Vocal Chops.


I hope this list starts your Free EDM Vocal Sample library correctly. While all the vocals will cater more towards different styles of EDM I hope you guys can find ways to make it work.



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