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Hey Ninjas

Been meaning to write this tutorial for awhile as I know many people have questions on how we EQ some of the leads for our project files and music.

In todays tutorial we will be applying EQ into an Individual Lead, and also a Layer of Leads to make them fit into a track we have.

If you have any tutorials suggestion as always you can reach us by email or commenting below.

How To EQ Single Leads

When approaching EQ on a single lead the first important thing is always to remove frequencies the lead won't be using.

In this section we will be applying EQ to our MAIN LEAD.

PRO TIP: You always want to have 1 Main Lead and the rest of your layers will be supplemental back up leads that might add more Width or Brightness.

This is how our Lead Sounds

The first thing we do is get rid of the low end we are not using.

This is the first thing everyone learns when learning how to EQ.

KEY TIP: If you are cutting Above 600hz you probably went TOO FAR. Unless your lead is just all high freq based and a layer to a main lead.

Remember not to cut off too much of the lows as you run the risk of losing power in your lead.

The next step is to remove unwanted dirt from your lead.

I find that around 279 HZ my Lead tends to sound very muddy.

One of the key things about applying EQ to a lead to is to know when your lead lacks something. If you can figure this out then this next step will really enlighten you.

Usually if your lead lacks BODY: Boost around 600HZ

If your Lead Lacks High END : Boost Using A High Shelf above 2Khz

With all that done this is how our finished product sound likes

Ready to be layered and rock the stage.

EQ ON Leads Bus Channel

After making our lead sound nice up top now we layer it with other leads and this is how they all sound like together with no EQ on the Bus Channel.

Key things to NOTICE:

-The Lead sounds very UGH and muddy

-The Lead doesn't fit the mix at all.

First thing we do again is just remove unwanted frequencies we aren't using. Usually cutting below 200hz is the best way to go about this but it might change depending on the situation.

The next step is to find problematic frequencies and trust me you will find some on your Leads Bus Channel as you will have 2-5 Leads playing at once.

These are my bad problematic frequencies reduced.

This is how these frequencies sounded like BOOSTED

Very similar to before you can choose to give it more body by boosting 600hz or brightness by boosting 2k+ with a high shelf.

However I find that the lead actually has a bit too much high end and noise so I cut the Highs OFF and reduce a bit at 600hz.

This is how it sounds like now.

This is how it sounds like in the music .


I hope that seeing this explanation on how to EQ leads properly helps you guys approach EQ confidently. Every lead will be different but what thing I can say with certainty is that if you want more body to your lead boost the 600hz Range and if you need more highs well high shelf 2k+.

Like anything overdoing it will result in a very harsh lead so be careful and have a reference track to compare too.

Happy EQ'ING

Zen World



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