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Make Anthemic Melodies With 1 Note

Hey Ninjas

Melodies have been around for quite some time now and today I will be going over a little bit of theory (and hacking) to achieve the sound. Anthem

For this tutorial I will be teaching you the power of the EPIC Note (that's what I call it )

For this Tutorial we will be using this scale


Making an anthem melody can be done in a couple of ways, but the easiest way is by starting the melody at the epic note or jumping from the root note to the epic note instantly.

The epic note will always be the fifth note of your scale and in our case for the FMINOR Scale that note will be C.

Now you may be wondering WHAT THE HECK made zen world think this is the epic note?

Well while listening to music from Showtek, W&W and alot of the guys that used Anthemic Melodies in their breaks and drops I noticed the note will come up more often than you think

For Instance

SHOWTEK EDIT Space Jungle Melody


Both melodies use the C in the beginning or right after hitting the root note of our drop.

Knowing this I decided to make my own melody starting at the EPIC NOTE and working my way down (like both melodies do)


I made this melody by playing it on my keyboard so it's a bit off tempo but the melody sounds catchy and very reminiscent of the anthem melodies we hear the big guys doing.

Kinda reminds me of Timmy Trumpet - Party Till We Die Doesn't It?


Things I wish you learn from this tutorial are the usage of the Epic Note in modern Dance music to date.

This technique can be applied to almost any genre which uses these style of melodies.

Just remember to start on the epic note, jump from the root note to the epic note in your melody and work your way down or up.

Either way will work and of-course keep the rhythm interesting.

Zen World



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