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Why Do My EDM Melodies Suck?

Hey Ninjas

One question I get asked a lot about is

'Why do my Melodies suck?"

Today I will discuss 3 mistakes I see almost every EDM Producer makes when trying to create a super catchy melody.

These 3 mistakes if fixed will for sure improve the quality of your melodies and help you on your way to making your next EDM Hit.

MISTAKE 1: Your EDM Melody's Rhythm Sucks

The first mistake I see a lot is that people who are beginners tend to write in their melodies.

While this isn't wrong it definitely lacks the "SWAG" that many of the big melodies have and that "SWAG" is the Rhythm.

I personally believe that 90% of a melody is based on the rhythm and the other 10% is based on the notes we decide to play.

With that in mind check this melody below OUT

Just by looking at the midi you can tell that the rhythm is a bit.... EH

Now by focusing on our rhythm more and giving it more "SWING" I mean "SWAG" we get something that looks like this.

Now hear the difference?

MISTAKE 2: EDM Melodies are Too Complex

The second mistake I see a lot is that people think more complex melodies are better....

While there is a place for this the real truth is that good Melodies have a good rhythm and good catchy elements thats it.

The more notes you play doesn't mean you will have a better melody.

Cut it out with that Millenial Mentality Ninjas!!!

Check this Melody Out


It's good right? But there just seems to be too much complexity. Remember people listen to music to relax and dance.. Not try to figure out what you are trying to portray.

Look how much better it sounds like without any added dirt.. and just keeping the catchy elements there.....

Mistake 3: Melody doesn't have Variations

Nothing screams I'm a beginner like a melody that doesn't have variations and keeps repeating that 2 bar melody for over 8 MINUTES!!!

This is a very simple fix that will require almost no effort in your part and make you sound SUPER PRO!

We know that certain notes are harmonic to each other due to triplets and triads.

We will be using this theory to add variation to our melody by getting certain parts of it and just using their harmonic counterpart.

For instance in the G Minor scale if I'm playing G i can switch that note to B Flat or D to get the harmonic counterparts of that note.

Check this melody out

Now check it out with these simple variations added.

By using notes harmonic to the ones we had we were able to make an even catchier melody that drove our melody to sound more professional.


I hope with this tutorial I could show you guys some easy ways to fix up your melodies. If you got anymore questions you know where to reach me ninjas.

Remember Melodies while hard should be simple and catchy to engage the listenener. There is a time and place for complex melodies ofcourse but, most of the time melodies are better of being simple and catchy than messy and ...shitty? lol

If you liked the lead in this example make sure to check out the Mainstage Revolution Pack. The ultimate pack for people looking to get that W&W sound in their tracks.


Zen World



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