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DARK MELODIES AND ENERGETIC BASS DROPS ARE TAKING THE UNDERGROUND DANCE MUSIC SCENE BY STORM WITH ARTIST LIKE REZZ, 1788-l, K?D, sWARM AND MANY MORE UTILIZING THESE AGGRESSIVE SOUNDS TO TAKE THEIR sONGS TO AN NEW LEVEL. In this soundset, you will find the sounds needed to dive into this world and become the next dark lord in the underground scene. mid-tEMPO IS HERE TO STAY.

Desolation Soundset Preview - Evolution Of Sound


Desolation is a 130 Preset serum soundset aimed at capturing the dark sounds of Rezz, 1788-L, K?D, Dr. Fresch, Swarm and many more Mid-Tempo and EBM artist.

First, we researched the genre of Mid-Tempo to find the most popular sounds that many producers were using to give you access to these sounds so you can use them in your music and learn to make them by studying the programming.

After creating the sounds we went hard to work on creating new cutting-edge presets to inspire you to create something fresh and new. 

In this soundset you will find a complete set of tools to craft your next dark Mid-Tempo banger.


LD -Rezzonation

PL -Sticks

LD -Suicide Forest


FX -The Dentist

BA -The Pest

FX -Lazer 2069

BA - Slinky

FX - Horror Movie

BA - Wide Lick

BA - The Oracle

BA - Slide


BA - Krillz Tom

BA -Industrial Saw 2

BA -Imotep

BA -Hold My Drink

BA - Generic Bass 2

BA - FM Doh

BA - Double Tap

BA - Balls To The Wall

ATM - Space

BA - 1769

BA - 2 Saw 1 Sync

BA - Black Gummy Worm




  • 120 Presets for X-Fer Synthesizer Serum in the style of Mid-Tempo inspired by artist like Rezz, Swarm, 1788-L, K?D, Gesaffelstein, Dr Fresch and many more EBM artist.

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