A massive pack that would make your mother proud with synths inspired by the 80s and 90s rave scene with a modern touch.


  For this pack, we created a Serum Soundset with 90 sounds inspired by rave music from the 90s and 80s with Rave Stabs basslines, leads, and plucks.

We also have a huge sample pack created by Producer BRVMES with melodic ideas ready to inspire you.

Next time you pick a synth sound, make sure it's one, your mom would be proud of ;).


In Synths To Kiss Your Mom, you will find a total of 90 Serum Presets ranging from Strong Dirty Basslines to analog-based ones. For stabs, we utilized Serum to create fresh new ones inspired by the rave sound, and we also utilized serums sampler to bring you some classic stabs. The presets end with good euphoric leads and plucks for you to use in any genre you desire.


Finally, we finish off the pack with a sample pack filled with ideas for you to build new tracks out of and get inspired. Crafted by BRVMES, a producer who is inspired by the sounds from the past.



Acid - Slimey

Acid - Mo Mo Mama 

BA - Garagey

BA - Giants Foot

BA - Mad Momma


BA - Spasm


CH - Housey

CH - Lovely Times

CH - Ladies and Gent

CH - Modern Stab

FX - My Wife

CH - Rolling

CH - Vocado

FX - Left & Right

LD - Brass To Plck

LD - Hoovah Ovah

LD - Hoovah Vacuu

LD - Hoovah Mod

LD - 7th Minutes

LD - Sync FCK

LD - Old Trance

LD - Old Euro


Vocal - Gangsta

Acid - Loop

Bass Loop 19

Acid - Loop 12

Key - Loop 15

BASS - Loop 30

Stab - Loop 3

Lead - Loop 1

Lead - Loop 11

Stab - Loop 19

Key - Loop 30

Key - Loop 24

Stab - Loop 1

BASS - Loop 23

STAB - Loop 16

Bass - Loop 4

Arp - Loop 2

Bass - Loop 29



  • 96 Presets For Serum Inspired by The Rave Sound of the 90s.

  • Full-fledged sample pack with Bass Loops, Synth Loops, Keys, and Stab Loops with ideas for you to vibe off.

  • A unhappy mother wanting the synth sounds from the 90s

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Frequently Asked Questions

What version of Serum do I need to run the presets?

In order to be able to run the presets for Serum you will require the latest updates. You can find the update at

Is this pack royalty free?

Every Sylenth1 preset can be used in a track without any problems. The only limitation is that you can't repackage the presets into a new soundbank to sell.

Can I get a refund?

I understand stuff happens in life where you might request a refund. All I ask is that you email us at and state the reason for the refund. If you didn't enjoy the pack please provide some feedback if possible. We look at feedback as an opportunity to grow. We won't question the authenticity of the refund request so don't be afraid to contact us if you feel the need to.

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