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A Fresh New Sound For House

Welcome to Minimal Nights, a Soundbank aimed at capturing the sounds of the Minimal House Scene. With over 130+ Serum Presets, this pack aims to provide a collection of classic sounds reimagined for the modern scene. The Serum soundbank was modeled after producers like Chris Stussy, Oden &Fatso, Kolter, Hot Since 82, Ranger Trucco, Theos, East End Dubs, and the Defected Label.

Minimal Nights Demo - EvoSounds

A Classic Sound Reimagined

The fusion of groovy basslines and pulsating house drums harmonizes seamlessly with top-of-the-line Spacey House Stabs and timeless house vocals. Minimal Nights introduces a meticulously curated collection of Serum Presets designed to immerse producers in this sonic experience.

Dedicated to authenticity, our team delved into the intricacies of classic house stabs, reimagining and expanding upon them to craft a series of fresh, trustworthy sounds. Explore a palette of meticulously recreated classics and novel variations that breathe new life into your productions.

Minimal House Presets Preview

PD - Memento
LD - EEnie Meenie