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Odyssey is your next Drum and Bass Serum/Vital preset and sample pack that will provide you with sounds that will inspire and help you take your music to another level.  Inspired by DNB artists like Sub Focus, Delta Heavy, Teddy Killerz, Notion, Camo and Crooked, Bru C, and many more. Odyssey is a versatile Drum & Bass pack for the producer looking for Serum and Vital presets with versatility in the Drum and Bass world.

Serum version  1.351 Needed
Odyssey - The Ultimate Drum and Bass Sounds - Evolution Of Sound x Simenga X Haterade(SoundsGood)

Odyssey provides useable Serum and Vital presets modeled after sounds proven to work. 

The worst feeling in the world is investing in sounds that you can't find a use for in your music.  In order to make sure the soundbanks in Odyssey will become a staple in your audio toolset we always make our presets modeled after proven to work sounds in tracks. 

For example, we reference Metrik's songs where he utilizes a very heavy, but, melodic acid sound, and then we use it as a source of inspiration as well as quality control. We capture the vibe of the sound while providing you with Modwheels that provide variation.

This process allows us to guarantee that you will get a selection of presets that will find a place in every track you make. 


Reese - Tubalicious
LD - Voodoo Priest
Reese - Gaping Fart
LD - Thunder Saws
Reese - No Tomorrow
Reese - Lava Run
Reese - Moving OVAH
LD - Skyrise
LD - Solar System
LD - Breathelizer
Reese - Chill Out
LD - Activate Turbo
FX - Noisey CNTR
BA - Wub To Modder
LD - Melodic Driverz
LD - Full Send
BA - Wub and Fog
BA - Many Ways
BA - Rough Rider


EVO DNB - Lead Loop - Talker - 175 - G# Min
EVO DNB - Bass Loop - Guns n Roses - 172 - D# Min
EVO DNB - Bass Loop - Destruction - 172 - E Min
EVO DNB Bass Shot - Disperse - D - 172
EVO DNB Bass Shot - Crunch - E - 172
EVO DNB TopLoop - Raw - 174
EVO DNB Tom - Lee
EVO DNB Tom - Cruise
EVO DNB Crash - Clocked
EVO DNB Bass Shot - Yuh - E - 172
EVO DNB Bass Shot - Yuh - E - 172
EVO DNB - Bass Loop - Enemy - 172 - D Min


Drum and Bass Serum pRESETS oDYSSEY.png

Every sample and synth preset in these are modeled after proven to work sounds, ensuring a versatile useable experience. You can confidently use our DNB packs with confidence"

Vital Presets

In this pack you will also find 40 Vital Presets for Drum and Bass. Vital is a free synth that is just as good as Serum, with some new features that we wanted to feature for this pack." 



Vital Drum And Bass Presets.png
drum and bass sound pack.png

What's In The Pack?

- 151 Drum & Bass Serum Presets 

- 40 Vital D&B Presets

- Stacked DNB Sample Pack with Drums, Top Loops, FX , Full Bass Loops, MIDI

-12 Ableton Racks For Processing

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