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The Sound of Modern Techno 

Paradox Vol 3 is a collection of 190 Modern Techno Serum Presets ready to help you take your music to a new level. Inspired by the current meta of Techno, this collection of sounds will give you the most useable collection of sounds out there, assuring you focus on your idea and finish your Techno tracks. Inspired by Umek, Space 92, Lily Palmer, AKKI, Charlotte De Witte, and many more this is a collection of sounds you can trust will create a paradox.

Paradox Vol 3 Demo - Evolution Of Sound X Bastian Horro

Have you ever used a Techno Preset where most of the sounds were not useable? 

Yeah, we don't want that happening here. To guarantee you will be using most of the Techno presets in this pack, we have created the sounds based on the current tracks charting on Beatport, Trax Source, and Spotify.


This doesn't mean you will get cookie-cutter sounds; all this means is that every sound in this pack is based on sounds proven to work.


I welcome you to listen to the demos of your future Techno presets to hear them in action and hear how you can use the modulations provided to evolve them and bring your tracks to life.



ACID - Formanter
ACID - Sulanti
ADDITIVE - Hidden Growls
BA - Rustic PoPov
CH - Lilian
BA - Industrial Bay
LD - The Door
LD - Plaza Negra
LD - Believe
BA - Rolling POWA 1
CH - Hannah Does Not Want
Earcandy - Apocalypto
LD - Fast Pace
CH - Dark Lord
Earcandy - Puerta
LD - Gated Beauty
LD - The Meta
LD - Instagram
LD - L Obscurities
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Every patch in this Techno Preset will contain modulations for you to add variation to your sounds but also create moments in your music that will captivate your listeners.

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Our sounds are engineered to make your music sound even better.

So you have more time to do things like finishing that song you've been working on.

Techno Preset for Serum.jpg

Paradox Vol 3

- 190 Techno Serum Presets with Modulations to bring your sounds to life.

- Sounds Inspired by Your Favorite Techno Artists 

- 6 Ableton Kick Rumble Racks As a Bonus

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  • What version of Serum and Sylenth1 do I need to run the presets?
    In order to be able to run the presets for Serum and Sylenth1 you will require the latest updates for both of them. You can find the updates at and
  • How do I load up the Serum presets?
    Tropical Revolution contains Serum presets which will require you use them with some noises we have provided. You will first install the presets in the presets folder of serum. For PC Documents/XFER/SerumPresets/Presets For Mac C:\Users\ YOURUSERNAME \Documents\Xfer\Serum Presets\Presets\ You will then install the Noises we have provided in the noises folder of serum. For PC Documents/XFER/SerumPresets/Noises For Mac C:\Users\ YOURUSERNAME \Documents\Xfer\Serum Presets\Noises
  • Are the samples processed and ready to go?
    The samples inside of Tropical Revolution have been processed to achieve utmost quality while still providing some freedom for creative mixing and processing.
  • Does Zen offer private classes?
    Yes, he offers one on one sessions. You can read more information here:
  • Is this pack royalty free?
    All Evolution of Sounds sound packs are royalty free. However the FLP Project files for Tropical Revolution will not be royalty free at the request of EDWAN. You can still use the FL project files and make something with it as long as it doesn't contain the original melody and chords. The Ableton Project files can be turned into full tracks and released if desired.
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