Confessions Revolution

Volume 3

The next installment in the Confessions inspired Tool for G-HOUSE producers. This pack was created to help you get the Confession sound and build your next G-House Banger If you are a fan of the G-House sound, missing out on this pack should be considered a sin.

Confession Revolution Vol 3 - Evolution Of Sound
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What Awaits You...

To help you create your next G-HOUSE Banger we have designed two soundbanks specifically for G-HOUSE Producers. These soundbanks will aid you in creating dark groove filled tracks to have the crowd dancing the night away. However, an excellent G-House track will need much more than just dirty basslines; it will need tasteful drums to create that captivating rhythm and FX to help you transition. To help you in this department we have created a sample pack that will give you samples to help you work faster and smarter. Finally, we wanted to get you guys inspired to develop G-house bangers, so we have created a total of 7 starter kits to get your creative juices flowing.

Serum Presets

Sylenth1 Presets

WUB - 21 Jump

WUB - Rusty Nail

LD - Vocal

PD - Justice

LD - Food Ready

 BA - Yes

BA - Your New Favorite

BA - Radiator

BA - Talking

BA - Modern

BA - Piccolo Pete

BA - Smooth Night

BA - Fart

BA - 808 Massive

BA - Flatliner

BA - God Let There

BA - Landlord

BA - Hiro

BA - Grimey House

LD - Reese In Compton

BA - Voos

LD - Demonspell

BA - Thick PAC

BA - Macanya


Project Files



Confessions Revolution Vol 3

  • 100 Presets For Serum

  • 40 Presets For Sylenth1

  • 5 Ableton Project Files

  • 3 FLStudio Project Files

  • Sample Pack with vocals, Drums,FX, and MIDI

  • Moog Bass One Shots

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Confessions Revolution Vol 1

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