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Hey, Ninja


Moog is known as one of the best brands for Analog synthesizers due to their amazing oscillators and filters. 


The oscillators provide one of the best SAW,Square, and Triangle waves you will ever hear.


The filter provides some of the best fatness and sound from any other synth out there.


I have captured the wavetables of the moog for your use in Serum.  The best way to use these wavetables are


  1. If you have presets that utilize a saw switch out the wavetables for the moog one.

  2. Use them in conjuction with each other to create wavetables like in this VIDEO.

  3. Use them to create your own sounds from them to sound more warm and less digital.

  4. Collect them and brag to your friends you have Sub 37 Wavetables.


I hope you guys enjoy them and find value in them.


Zen World 

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