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Hear it from Past Mentees

Topic: Platinum and Gold Certified Producer

After watching some of Zen World's videos I decided to hit him up for 1 on 1 sessions covering future bass sound design. The way he taught it was so easy to understand and I learned things i never thought were possible. You could say I was smiling all session with excitement.

"We learned how to utilize our knowledge in 1 hour with Zen World. We knew how to compress, we knew how to use reverb but we didn't know how to apply. Zen World helped us bridge that gap and now we fully understand.

I was struggling with creating the night bass sound I saw a lot of my favorite producers making. I contacted Zen World and in 1 hour he taught me how to design the sounds myself and even recreated the drop for me into MIDI. I now have signed my first track to a major label :D

Type3- Mixmash Recordings & Brooklyn Fire

Like everyone I think I found Zen World through his videos. I really enjoyed them enough to ask him for some guidance. Without him I don't think I ever would of gotten releases on my favorite labels.

KEVU: Revealed Recordings and Spinnin Records

Marc Sandor - DeepRot

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